Hey there, I’m Ira, the founder of The Borderless Accountant and a crypto tax specialist.

I first started exploring crypto in 2019 and quickly realized that not many accountants understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies (and still don’t). My first discovery along the way? Crypto is complex. Determined to bridge this gap in crypto tax support, I dived deep into the complexities of crypto and blockchain, focusing solely on international and crypto tax ever since.

I’m the proud Founding Mama of two tax companies. The Borderless Accountant focuses on crypto tax and my other company, DuaTax, is where I provide expert tax support to international entrepreneurs and foreigners with U.S. tax filing needs.

As an Enrolled Agent, I am federally licensed to handle all aspects of taxation and represent taxpayers before the IRS. This means I bring deep insights into tax laws to simplify and clarify the tax process for you.

I’m not your average accountant who leaves you confused after every conversation. Instead, my goal is to always speak with you, not above you, so you leave our conversation feeling informed and empowered.

As a crypto investor myself, I get that reporting your crypto activities for tax purposes can be confusing, and attention to detail is everything—that’s why I prioritize quality over quantity. No billing by the hour – you’ll know your fixed price upfront, ensuring no surprises down the road. And because it’s just me over here at TBA – I can only take on a few clients at a time. This means you receive my full attention and expertise. Truly, some of my most rewarding work is paving the way to compliance for my clients.

What I Stand For:


I take pride in simplifying complex crypto tax processes to make them straightforward and manageable.


You’ll learn how to make smart decisions to reduce your IRS tax liability on crypto earnings.


Since 2021, I’ve worked with more than 175 clients in the crypto tax space and am always excited to work with new clients.

Peace of Mind:

At the end of the day, what I want most is to give you peace of mind. Taxes shouldn’t be a source of stress, and with me, they won’t be.

-Bill B.

“Ira is a pleasure to work with, confident, clear communication, and will put in the extra effort to get the job done. I really appreciated Ira for helping get my crypto transactions sorted, as they were a mess. Thanks, Ira!”

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