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From digital assets inventors to online businesses, I extend my tax and bookkeeping services far and wide.
Whether you prefer a hands-on approach with everything taken care of or want a customized service tailored precisely to your needs, I’m here to help. Here’s how:

Crypto Tax Reporting & Reconciliation


Suitable for casual investors using up to 5 exchange/wallet accounts with basic cryptocurrency transactions such as trades, income, mining, airdrops, and no DeFi activity.
What's Included:

$550 / Starting


Suitable for active investors with a significant volume of transactions and trading across numerous exchange/wallet accounts.
Complex crypto activities include gambling, crypto loans, DeFi protocols, NFT trading etc.
What's Included:

$1250 / starting


Suitable for crypto investors engaged in large-scale trading across unlimited exchanges, platforms, and chains, with no restrictions on the complexity or number of transactions.
What's Included:

$1750/ starting

Cryptocurrency Tax Report Review

Whether you prepared your own crypto tax return, worked with a traditional accountant, or used a crypto tax tool, I’m here to verify the integrity of your returns. If I discover any errors during these comprehensive reviews, I can advise you on how to make things right.
I also partner with tax professionals who need help preparing their clients crypto tax returns, which means I can partner up with your accountant, too.

Basic Review


If you've been DIY-ing your crypto taxes but need a helping hand, the Basic Review package is just what you need. I'll carefully review your cryptocurrency tax software and crypto tax reports, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. I'll identify missing transactions, possible basis issues, data inconsistencies and more, and I'll provide you with a clear outline of actionable steps to correct any findings.

In-Depth Review


This In-Depth Review takes my expertise to the next level, providing you with an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your cryptocurrency tax software and crypto reports. No detail escapes my attention as I dive deep into your data to uncover potential basis issues, missing transactions, and data inconsistencies. You will get a holistic list of crypto tax issues with step-by-step details on corrective actions.

Discover Bookkeeping and Tax Essentials Packages for Peace of Mind

Let me handle your bookkeeping and tax needs, so you can concentrate on growing your business and achieving your financial goals. With my Bookkeeping Essentials and Tax Essentials packages, you can rest assured that your financials and taxes are well taken care of, freeing you from the burden of bookkeeping and taxes forever.

Bookkeeping Essentials

$250 / starting

Tax Essentials

$350/ starting

Tools we use

Accointing CoinTracking Koinly CryptoTaxCalculator Cryptio ZenLedger Gilded
Accointing CoinTracking Koinly CryptoTaxCalculator Cryptio ZenLedger Gilded